Baby Radio Shows Sleep — 05 June 2012
Singing Babies to Sleep

How to soothe your baby to go to sleep, so you can too.

Singing Babies to Sleep

When babies wake in the middle of the night, most parents’ gut reaction is to rock and sing them back to sleep, after all, baby lullabies have been a part of parenting forever, it seems. But according to Dr. Cathryn Tobin, author of The Lullababy Sleep Plan. parents should keep their singing for the shower and try a different approach to sooth their babies.”Singing to your baby at bedtime is going to be soothing but it’s not actually going to put your baby to sleep because your voice has too much tone up and down and keeps the baby interested and awake.”

Dr. Tobin elaborates, saying that “instead, the best way to talk to your baby by the bedside is to talk in a monotone. Keep it like Mr. Rogers, slow but steady, but you can also just use sounds like “hush, hush, hush” or “shhh”, steady, soft, but not too melodic.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Cathryn Tobin, pediatrician and author of The Lullababy Sleep Plan.

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