Sleep and School Anxiety

How school can affect a young student’s sleep habits.

Sleep and School Anxiety

I remember when my kids first entered school they had a hard time falling a sleep on their own and seemed to need a few more cuddles and reassurance. Turns out that response isn’t uncommon. That’s because school is a huge change in a child’s life and change can lead to sleep problems explains Marc Granic, co-author of Bed Timing. ”The anxiety of being out of the house all day might catch up to them at night and make it difficult for them to fall asleep or difficult for them to stay asleep, and as a result they might return to some earlier sleep habits such as getting in bed with you to help them feel more secure.”

Marc adds that there is no blanket solution and it all depends on how your child responds to your assurances. “Whether you go along with that is up to you and your child. If your child easily falls into the habit of wanting to be with you and is a fairly dependent kid then you might not want to let that habit go on for too long, or you might to reserve this shared sleeping arrangement for the days that are the most difficult. If you have a really resilient child then they can probably be coached back into their bed without much trouble.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest Marc Granic is the author of Sleep Timing.

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