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Good News for Late Talkers

According to the latest research, young children who experience delayed language development are not at a higher risk of having emotional or behavioral problems as they age. Researchers from the University of Western Australia followed 1,387 late talking children from two years of age up to age seventeen, and they concluded that language delay is not a risk factor for emotional or behavioral problems during the older childhood and teen years.

It was also concluded that the majority of late-talking students reached normal language milestones by the time they were school-aged, particularly if they live in a language- rich environment, which can be achieved with lots of parent-child talk, play and book reading.

However, in a small percentage of children, language development continues to be delayed in the early school years, and these children will need some type of intervention in order to improve their outcome and avoid language difficulties for the remainder of their lives.

Source: ”Late Talking and the Risk for Psychosocial Problems” Pediatrics 07/04/11

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