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The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan

Never again will new parents have to endure sleepless nights. Dr. Cathryn Tobin, a distinguished pediatrician, has discovered a secret that enables very young babies to sleep through the night.

Discover the brand new strategy that solves all of your baby’s sleep-time difficulties before they start. The Lull-a-Baby Sleep Plan will show you how to charm your tiny baby into sleepy contentment, how to avoid the most common bedtime mistakes loving parents make, and how to use your baby’s magical window of opportunity (the “WOO”) to enjoy soothing, “feel good” bedtimes, starting right now.

The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan

Author: Dr. Cathryn Tobin ISBN 0-470-83655-5

The sleep strategy discussed in this book is a new alternative in the sphere of managing baby’s bedtime. It’s a great alternative to “crying it out” and “correcting sleep problems” roster of methods. Why? Lull-A-Baby is about prevention of sleep problems! It’s a method aimed at gently teaching your baby to fall asleep on her own.

Too often sleep problems are an afterthought. There are many innocent mistakes parents make that interfere with a babies ability to learn to fall asleep by themselves. Lull-A-Baby can give a new parent the advantage, and keep mom and dad out of the seemingly never-ending “bedtime struggles” club later on.

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