Girls and Education

Setting high expectations for our daughter’s education.

Girls and Education

There was a   time when girls rarely went onto university or college. Today, more than 50% of university degrees are awarded to women.  Still, many girls don’t see themselves as great students says Susan Shaffer; co-author of Why Girls Talk and What They’re Really Saying. “I think that girls feel they can be smart in certain areas, and they’re expected to be smart in certain areas. What we’re still seeing is that there’s an expectation that they will not do as well particularly in the advanced sciences.” Susan says parents can help girls excel by simply believing in them.”Parents have to have to have high expectations for their girls in school.  We want to make sure that if girls have a passion and a skill in certain areas, we give them every opportunity to be able to excel in those areas.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Shaffer; co-author of Why Girls Talk and What They’re Really Saying.

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