Toxins in Utero

How many toxins are babies exposed to while in the womb?

Toxins in Utero

By now, we’re well aware that smoking and drinking during pregnancy are real no-no’s.  And because of mercury, avoiding a lot of canned tuna during pregnancy may be a good idea. So is eating organic and using natural household and personal cleansers considering what Alan Green, pediatrician and author of Raising Baby Green has discovered. “I was involved in a study where we took baby’s umbilical chord blood and we analyzed it just to see what was there, and nobody had ever done this kind of complete analysis before. We found an average of 200 industrial chemicals in babies already there at the moment of birth. Now we don’t know yet what the impact is of all these things, but what it does teach us is that when we think of the environment out there, there’s no difference really between out there. Even in the most inner sanctums of our bodies, what we are doing to our rivers and streams is affecting us.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Alan Green, pediatrician and author of Raising Baby Green.

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