Behavior Radio Shows Teen — 17 January 2014
Teens and Rules

Why it’s important to still lay down a few ground rules for teens.

Teens and Rules

When it comes to disciplining teens, it can seem like you’re taking to a brick wall.  Teens are often defiant and for good reason…they need to learn their own mind and how to be independent individuals. Still, while it may seem that they mock the rules, the fact is teens do care very much what parents have to say and the rules they put in place, says Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing With Your Kids. “Teenagers, sometimes say ‘you can’t make me’ at around 15, 16 or 17 years old. This, or course is true.  You can’t make your 16 year-old go to school. You can’t make your 17 year-old not drink at parties. Never-the-less, you can tell them what the rules are, you can tell them that the rules are important, you can tell them that’s what you expect. Sometimes they say ‘I don’t care’, but they do care. They care that they have their parents’ approval.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing With Your Kids.
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