Why teaching your kids a little caution on the slopes is imperative.


What kid doesn’t love to fly down a slippery slope n a sled or toboggan? Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or sledding, hitting the slopes are great winter past times but they do have their hazards says Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book. “Every single year we see children being injured on toboggans, on skis, on snowboards.  They are terrific, fun activities and I certainly would encourage all parents to teach their kids and take their kids to do these activities, but you absolutely must have the necessary safety gear, and a helmet is probably the most important piece of that gear.”And parent should remind kids to use a little common sense and caution on the hills.”I think we see that most of the tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding injuries occur probably when kids are doing something that they shouldn’t exactly be doing.  They’re just pushing the envelope a little too much.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Canada’s Toddler Care Book.

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