Early School Health Radio Shows — 19 February 2014
Kid’s Dental Care

Preventing your child from getting discolored teeth from fluorosis.

Kid’s Dental Care

There’s nothing like tooth-brushing and flossing to keep children’s pearly whites white and cavity free. And according to pediatric dentist, Dr. Richard Cramer, the sooner you set the stage for good dental care, the better. “Getting children used to getting their mouths clean even as an infant, even prior to teeth coming in, sets the tone, sets the pattern. And at a very young age, once the teeth are there, starting with brushing and flossing so that the child has that incorporated as part of what their expectations are is the way to go.” Dr. Kramer adds tat parents should use no more that a pea size amount of toothpaste in order to avoid something called fluorosis. “Fluorosis is a slight discoloration of the teeth, often it affects the front teeth first because those are the first teeth that erupt, but it’s really caused by the excess amounts of fluoride during the development of the teeth.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Cramer.
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