Baby Nutrition Radio Shows — 02 September 2014
Introducing Solid Food

Is your baby ready to try solid food?

Introducing Solid Food

By now, most of us are well aware that there is nothing quite like mother’s milk for baby’s nutritional well-being.  But sooner or later, your baby will want and need some solid food.  However, just when you introduce pablum and pureed foods may vary slightly explains Emma Waverman, co-author of Whining & Dining.

The recommendation for a baby to start solids is around 6 months and that’s a very good general rule.  You may find that your baby may be ready a little bit earlier especially if they have older siblings and are showing signs of readiness.  These signs include watching you intently when you eat like a hungry alligator, pretending to chew or chewing along with you while you chew, reaching for food.  Also if they are big babies then you may consider staring earlier at maybe 5 or 5 and a half months. Your pediatrician will probably help you make that decision.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Emma Waverman, co-author of Whining & Dining.

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