Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 22 October 2014
Keeping Teen Girls Safe

Tips on keeping our teenaged daughters safe in today’s world.

Teen Girl Safety

As our children become independent safety takes on a new meaning.  For example, our teen daughters can become the brunt of harrasment that in some cases can threaten their well being.  Which is why we want to teach our daughters that being nice at all costs is not the way to go says Anita Roberts, author of the Safe Teens book and program. ” If we want our girls to be safe, we need to stop encouraging them to be as nice, polite, trusting, nice and caring about other people’s feelings before they care about their own.  These traditional, stereotypical female traits are actually dangerous.  If they are constantly focusing on taking care of the other person’s feelings and making sure that they’re being polite in a situation then they are unable to be assertive and defend themselves or stand up for themselves.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Anita Roberts, author of the Safe Teens Book

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