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Raising Problem Solvers

 How to raise children who solve their own problems.

Raising Problem Solvers

When your child has a problem, are you tempted to jump in there and make it right? It’s a common reaction.  But if we want to raise kids who become self-sufficient,  sometimes we need to step back and let our kids do the solving.  After all someday they’ll have to negotiate life’s ups and downs on their own.  Myrna Shure, author of “Thinking Parent, Thinking Child” elaborates. “The key to raising problem solvers is to ask questions instead of always telling kids what to do and even explaining why, because they’ve probably heard those explanations and suggestions a thousand times.  The thousand and first time isn’t going to change anything. But when you ask questions, then their ideas become their own and that’s what will have lasting impact.  As one sixth grader said “we have to learn to think for ourselves because people won’t always be around to help us.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Myrna Shure, author of “Thinking Parent, Thinking Child.”

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