Homework and Planning

How to help your child excel at their homework by planning better.

Homework and Planning

Is your child having difficulty with homework assignments…like not getting them completed? Sometimes the reasons for this can have more to do with a child’s ability to schedule their homework than the actual tasks themselves. In fact, sometimes all kids need is a little support to help them with their homework planning, suggests Richard Guare, author of Smart but Scattered. “First we would think about the environmental supports that they would need. In the case of homework, let’s suppose the child isn’t writing down the assignments in an agenda book. Does the school offer a website where the homework is posted on a website? If not, is the child’s teacher willing to take a look at the assignment book at the end of the day and check off whether the assignments have been correctly written down or not. But also, we’re going to teach the child some skills so they’re going to be able to manage and handle these types of things on their own.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Guare, author of Smart but Scattered.

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