Recipes — 29 April 2015
Avocado Frog Dip

This avocado and tomato dip is perfect for all ages – but give it a face and younger children won’t be able to resist it!
Annabel’s Tip
Make a frog face using cucumber and olives for eyes and chives for a mouth.




You will need:
1 large avocado
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp sour cream
1 tomato
11⁄2 tsp snipped chives
salt and pepper
cucumber, carrots, red bell pepper, and pita bread, to serve

How to make Avocado Dip

serves 2-4
1. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone, and scoop out the flesh.
2. Squeeze lemon juice onto the avocado flesh to help it keep its colour.
3. Mash up the avocado and lemon juice and mix it with the sour cream.
4. Chop the tomato into tiny pieces. Add to the avocado along with the chives.
5. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything together. Serve with vegetables
and strips of pita bread.


Excerpted from My Favourite Recipes, copyright 2012 Annabel Karmel / DK Publishing.



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