Instructing Kids

Why limit setting is so much easier when kids know the rules.

Instructing Kids

Letting our children know what we expect of them and telling them how to do what we want, is one of the easiest ways of setting limits.  Once they know the rules, then they can comply. And Nicolas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong-Willed Child says that when laying down rules, children understand positive statements more than negative ones. ” It’s very important to tell your child what it is you want them to do then it is to tell them what it is you don’t want them to do. For instance, when you go into a grocery store and you put you child in the car, before you go down that first row you say to your child ‘now don’t touch anything on the shelf’. Now one of the problems with that is your child may not have been thinking about touching anything on the shelf, but all of a sudden you’ve planted the seed that there must be something kind of neat about touching things on the shelf. It’s a lot easier to give a do direction such as ‘keep your hands in the cart’.  And then that’s easy for the parent to say ‘or you’re doing such a good job of keeping your hands in the cart’. ”


The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Nicolas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

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