Logical Consequences

How logical consequences help set limits for our children.

Logical Consequences

What if limits were set with our kids, not because as parents, we arbitrarily set the rules, but because those limits just made sense?  It’s what happens when we allow logical consequences to guide our kids. Alyson Schaefer, author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids says one of the best examples of this is “when-then” statements. ” In a democratic household, where we’re not going to use our personal power to get our children to do what we say and when we say them, instead we can let the needs of the situation or the routines become our boss, and when we do that and establish routines, then we are able to use the tool of a “when-then” sentence. So we can say things like ’when your teeth are brushed, then I know you’re ready for your juice’ or ‘when you’ve cleaned up t he playroom, then I know you’re ready for snack time’. So we’re holding them accountable to their responsibilities but it’s because we’re respecting the order and routine of the house, rather than saying ‘because I say so.’ ”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Alyson Schaefer, author of Honey I Wrecked the Kid.

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