Why corporal punishment isn’t the answer to getting kids to behave.


At one time spanking and hitting children was very common, and was thought to go along with good parenting. But over time, it became clear that punishing children did little to teach them about behavior and consequences. Alyson Schaefer, Author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids elaborates. ” It’s really a way of creating fear in your child and so two things are either going to happen.  You’re either going to have a child who is indeed fearful, which means it’s costing the relationship between the parent and the child; you’ve got a child who fears the parent and I don’t think that’s a healthy state of mind to be in and so they’ll respond in order to avoid being punished or in that fear they’ll start to go around the parent.  This is when we start to see kids lying and cheating because they are too afraid to tell their parent that they’ve had some short-coming and so they go covert with their operation.  Or they’ll try to retaliate.  They’ll say ‘who are you to harm and punish me?  I’m going to harm and punish you right back’.”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Alyson Schaefer, Author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids

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