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The Benefits of Boredom

Why do nothing time is good for kids.

The Benefits of Boredom

When your children lament that they’re bored, do you feel it’s your duty to fill their time with one activity or another? If so, you’re not alone.  But take heart.  It seems a little boredom does our kids good and can spark their imagination and creativity explains Carl Honoré, author of “Under Pressure”. “Boredom is actually a useful state.  It’s like a springboard for children because when children are bored and they’re equipped to deal with boredom, they sit through the boredom, they fall through it, and that’s when the imagination kicks in and you start inventing games or coming up with plays or characters. You get through the boredom and that’s what children have done for thousands of years.  But now they’re denied that basic life skill which is dealing with unstructured time and the boredom that sometimes goes along with it because they’re so hyper-scheduled and everything is handed to them on a platter that they’ve lost that very basic human skill of being alone with yourself.”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Carl Honoré, author of “Under Pressure”.

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