Blending Work and Family

How today’s parents manage to juggle work and family responsibilities.

Work and Family

Way back in the mid 60′s, only 25% of women with children under the age of six were in the paid workforce. Today the number is over 70%. That means a lot of families are juggling family and work responsibilities, but how they do it has shifted explains Nora Spinks with The Vanier Institute of the Family. “Today’s parents are more likely to talk about work-life blend than anything else, where they put priority on both work and family and they find ways to negotiate and navigate both sides of the spectrum.

Nora adds that as priorities change, so do the ways that parents accomplish tasks and chores. “They’re much more likely today to outsource household tasks for example. So things like housecleaning or even laundry or grocery delivery are being hired out, as opposed to trying to do everything the way that it used to be done when people had more time and less responsibilities.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Nora Spinks, CEO of the Vanier Institute of the Family.

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