Nursing Bottle Decay

How to keep your baby’s pearly whites strong and healthy.

Nursing Bottle Decay

Once children start getting their teeth, parents need to think about their baby’s dental health. One thing that can cause damage to a child’s teeth is continual sucking on a bottle of milk or juice while sleeping. It can lead to nursing bottle decay. Dr. Lauren Donaldson Bradley, co-author of The Baby’s Table elaborates. “That is the result of sugar. The lactose that is in milk, or the fructose and sucrose that is in juice, pooilng on the teeth and sitting there, and while it’s there it can cause tooth decay.” But there’s an easy way to prevent nursing bottle decay. “After about one year of age it does become an issue if the child falls asleep with a bottle, which is pretty common practice. It’s important to think about changing that night time bottle to water, and water’s not going to do any damage, but milk ad juice pooling on the teeth for any period of time can cause dental decay. ”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Lauren Donaldson Bradley, co-author of The Baby’s Tables.
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