Development Radio Shows Teen — 18 January 2018
Teens, Friends & School

The positive side of peer pressure.

Teens, Friends and School

So often we hear about the downside of peer pressure such as teens succumbing to bad behavior when they get mixed up with the wrong crowd.  But while our kids can be negatively influenced by others, the opposite is also true.  As Harriet Mosatche explains, there’s a lot our teens can gain from good friendships and positive peer pressure.

“Friendships are very important in terms of all aspects of the high school years. so that kids who have positive friendships and good role models are likely going to behave in the same way. So what you’re going to find is kids who hang around with other kids who study a lot, who take school seriously, who are thinking about college, are likely to feel that same way. During the teen years there is both positive and negative peer pressure, and of course I’d like and parents to really focus on the positive aspect of that pressure.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Harriet Mosatche author of Where Should I Sit at Lunch.

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