How to Cope With the Loss of a Pet

Why it’s important to take our children’s grief seriously.

Loss of a Pet

Does your child have a small pet? Then be prepared for the inevitable. When children loose a small pet like a hamster or goldfish, parents can be caught off guard by the depth of grief their children feel. But while we may not understand their sadness, it is important that we honor it, explains Dr. Nancy Reeves author of A Path Through Loss. “Gerdy the hamster dies and the child is devastated, and the parent thinks, “Oh we can just go and get another hamster, they’re only $2.99.”, but it’s not that. It’s that the child has developed a relationship, maybe a care-taking relationship with that hamster, and with that bond broken the child is very upset. If we can honor that grief at the child’s level and not try to minimize it then the child can successfully go through a grieving process and mature. But if we put it down then the child thinks that we don’t think life is precious.”

dr. nancy reevesThe Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Nancy Reeves, a registered clinical psychologist, spiritual director, and author of A Path Through Loss.

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