Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 20 November 2013
The Only Child

How being the one and only affects a child’s personality.

The Only Child

Today, families with one child are not uncommon.  And if you’re the parent of an only child, you may have wondered how life without brothers or sisters has affected your child’s personality.  Well, according to Alyson Schaefer, author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids being the one and only often raises the bar and the expectations. “If you’re an only child, the only child in the family, that’s a very different experience than if you’re the last one born into a family with six kids. You’re really born into a different environment.  So, an only child has a lot of parental attention and they tend to have a very short feedback loop between when they smile and Mom takes 500 pictures. So that tends to create a child who tends to aspire to get along and to please and to be like the competent, giant adults in their family.  And they do tend to hold a high bar for themselves, and are a little more perfectionistic because of that social experience.”

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