Baby Radio Shows Sleep — 04 April 2014
How Babies Learn to Sleep

When will you baby sleep through the night?

Learning How to Sleep

If there’s one thing most parents of newborns want to know, it’s when babies will sleep through the night. It’s a fair question considering how sleep deprived parents of newborns are in those first few months.  The answer explains Dr. Saul Greenberg, pediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children lies in a baby’s brain development.”Sleeping through the night is more neurological progress in the child’s development. With some babies they will start sleeping through the night at a month or two months of age. Most babies should be sleeping through the night at about six to seven months of age.” Dr. Greenberg adds that as a baby gets a bit older, there are things we can do to encourage sleep.”Every baby wakes up in the middle of the night but they usually put themselves back to sleep. However, if they’ve been used to being rocked or fed to sleep at anytime during the day or the evening, then that’s the way that they learn to wind down. So babies have to learn to wind down on their own and parents have to encourage it.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Saul Greenberg, pediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children.
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