Signs that Your Child No Longer Needs Naps

How to tell if your child is ready to give up naptime.

Outgrowing Nap-Time

By the time babies are three months old, they’ve settled into a more regular sleep pattern, generally sleeping longer periods at night. They also take more regular naps during the day, explains Dr. Cathryn Tobin, author of The Lullababy Sleep Plan. “Young babies typically nap twice a day, once in the morning and once after lunch. As the babies get older and become toddlers they’ll typically switch to one after lunchtime nap, and again as the child gets a little older, just a late afternoon nap.”

Eventually children give up their naps altogether. Dr. Tobin says the best way to tell that they no longer require a nap is “to look for sleepy signs, lack of coordination, shorter attention span, yawning, rubbing the eyes. When you’re not seeing that at the usual time, you know it’s time to adjust and go to a later nap or a once a day nap.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Cathryn Tobin, pediatrician and author of The Lullababy Sleep Plan.

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