Your Musical Child

What makes children fall in love with music? How does musical ability develop? How can parents select an appropriate instrument for their children? Why do children find practicing so challenging and what can parents do to help? What makes children want to stop playing their instruments? Why do parents permit their children to quit studying music without effectively investigating the reason for their loss of motivation? How can parents keep children feeling excited about learning to make music? Where can parents find information on music programs, camps, books, recordings and other important resources?

Your Musical Child

Author: Jessica Baron Turner ISBN 1-890490-51-2

The answers to all of these questions and many more can be found in Your Musical Child: Inspiring Kids to Play and Sing for Keeps a guidebook written by Jessica Baron Turner, M.A. that provides parents with insightful, practical and humanistic ways to successfully raise children to love making music. Your Musical Child supports parents’ creative potential by guiding them along the path of musical parenting with an adventurous and artistic spirit. In an easy-to-read format, the book provides an abundance of information and suggestions readers can use to recognize developmental milestones in their children such as hearing and other perceptual abilities, musical awareness and rhythmic and instrumental development.

The book includes a section on learning styles that was written to help parents understand their children’s strengths and challenges as music students and offers suggestions and recommendations for choosing the best teachers, music programs and methodologies for students with particular learning styles. In the question and answer section, readers will enjoy many rich slices of reality served up in testimonies from other parents who share their stories and dilemmas for helping their children learn to love making music.

In addition, Your Musical Child examines topics such as pregnancy and music; cultivating talent and aiming for success; planning children’s musical education; understanding learning disabilities selecting the proper instruments for specific children; developing the ability to sing in tune and preparing kids to confidently perform. The book also assists parents in taking an informed and pragmatic look at their children’s dreams of fame and fortune.

From pregnancy through the elementary years, Your Musical Child will help parents partner with their children to ensure that making music will become and remain a healthy, vital part of their development as well as a renewable resource for creativity and inspiration. Your Musical Child is intended to help all children blossom into young musicians who feel comfortable singing and playing music at gatherings, performing in school musicals and talent shows, joining the school choir, orchestra or band or forming their own musical groups outside of school. It is positive messages, achievable recommendations and reliable resources that deliver healthy portions of everything parents will want and need to help their children get the most out of making music.

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