Baby Development Radio Shows — 18 February 2015
Bonding and Infant Brain Development

Why it’s vital that parents bond with their babies on every level.

Bonding with Baby

Bonding with our newborns seems to just magically happen.  But that strong attachment we have with our babies is more that magical – it’s a necessity, because as Gabor Maté, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts explains, without attachment to a nurturing adult, infants couldn’t survive. “On the basic physiological level, attachment means that the infant and the parent are so connected that the infants nervous and stress systems are regulated by the parents.”

Dr.Gabor explains that this is important because “infants have no self-regulation. They have no capacity to calm themselves down, they have no capacity to get themselves out of stress, but it’s the parent’s job to regulate the child’s physiology, and that parents do that instinctively and automatically. When the parent is stressed, so is the infant. It’s also in that attachment context, in that close relationship, that brain development occurs. If the attachment relationship is stressed or somehow disrupted, so is brain development.”

So take time to be with your baby because not only are you expressing your love, you’re helping you baby to fully develop.



The Parent Report’s guest expert is Gabor Maté, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts .

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