Fights and Car Travel

Coming soon to a back seat on your road vacation – car wars.

Fights and Car Travel

While traveling with our kids can be a lot of fun, when boredom sets in, watch out. Fights can take over, whether it’s sibling rivalry at the hotel, restaurant or camp ground. And that’s not the only place kids love to pick a fight with each other, says Alyson Schafer, author of Honey, I Wrecked the Kids. “They fight a lot in cars as well. You’re a captive audience. There’s often high boredom and a lot of time fighting can just be a boredom buster, so rather than trying to yell from the front seat to the back seat with things like ‘keep your hands to yourself. Don’t hit your brother’, simply pull the car over and say ‘I can’t drive when the car has this much noise in it. When you folks are calm, I can drive again’. Pull out a book if you have to or get out of the car and stand on the side of the road. Or start returning emails on your Blackberry, but eventually they’ll realize that when they get along the car will move along and you’re not there to be their referee. We’re not willing to play that role.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Alyson Shafer, a parenting expert who has appeared on TV and is the author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids.

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