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What should you do if you catch your child in a lie?

Lying Children

So you caught your child in a lie. The reality is all kids have, or will at some point, lie, but getting caught is something else. What do you do?  For many of us the temptation is to yell, or ground or punish in some way. But sometimes when it comes to this type of behavior, the less we do, the better says Sara Dimmerman, psychologist and author of Character is the Key.  ”It’s important not to ask children a question where they have the opportunity to lie again.  So, if for example,  you saw your child take something off the kitchen counter that they weren’t supposed to, instead of saying “did you take that off the kitchen counter”, which sets them up to lie, you would be more direct and say “I saw you take the twenty dollars off the kitchen counter, what are we going to do about it?”.  The tendency for parents is to over-talk some things.  So just say a little bit in regards to how you’re feeling and then leave it at that. ”

Sara Dimmerman, psychologist and author of Character is the Key.

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