Divorce and the Holiday Season

 Ideas on how to balance divorce, children and the holidays.

Divorce & Holidays

The holiday season can be difficult for children whose parents are divorced.  Usually children spend important holidays like Christmas with one parent one year, the other parent the next. But Mark Ackerman, author of Does Wednesday Mean Moms house or Dads?  thinks parents should consider another option for the sake of the kids.”The way we should handle the holiday season is to make sure the children have the opportunity to spend time with both parents and both extended families for each of the major holidays. So, for example, one parent may have the children until Christmas morning, and then the other parent has Christmas morning through the rest of Christmas day.”

Dr. Ackerman adds that “it’s not fair to children to miss out on half of the extended family for every holiday by saying we’re going to alternate, for example, this year mom gets the kids, and next year dad gets the kids.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Mark Ackerman,author of Does Wednesday Mean Moms house or Dads?

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