Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 20 December 2017
Family Connection

 How to keep connected as a family in today’s busy world.

Family Connection

Because families are so, so busy, staying connected with our children can be quite the challenge.  But without that important parent-child bond, our kids may not feel that they can always turn to us for support and guidance as Gary Neufeld, co-author of Hold Onto Your Children explains. “We have so much competition as parents nowadays, there’s so much that is pulling our children away from us, so many things that engage their attention, we can no longer take their relationship for granted.  So it becomes important in this situation to collect them before we engage in parenting and direct them, so to speak.  Certainly the kinds of rituals like family meals that are more likely to have the kind of interaction where we’re smiling and nodding, is a friendly, nurturing interaction rather than a problem centered interaction.  Family walks, games together, these are the things we need to re-invent, so to speak, to preserve our family connections.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Gary Neufeld, co-author of Hold Onto Your Children.

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