Food Safety During the Summer Months

Some food safety tips for the long hot days of summer.

Summer Food Safety

During the summer there are more opportunities for food to become spoiled and lead to food poisoning. It why we need to do things like make our food shopping the last errand of the day and then get those foods home and into the fridge ASAP. As Lynn Wilcott with Food Protection Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control explains it doesn’t take much for food to turn bad. “The problem in the summer time is the high temperatures. The higher the temperatures, the better and faster the pathogens can grow, so we really recommend to people that if they are going to be traveling with food, whether it’s potato salad or anything else, to really make an effort to keep those foods cold. So that means putting the foods in insulated containers, if you have icepacks, put those icepacks in with the food as well. You want to keep that food as cold as possible until it’s eaten.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest it Lynn Wilcott of Food Protection Services at the BC Center for Disease Control.

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