Early School Health Radio Shows — 02 July 2019
Travel, Sleep & Kids

Keeping your child’s bedtime routine intact when traveling.

Travel, Sleep and Kids.

So you’ve finally managed to get our child to sleep relatively soundly through the night until, that is, you took a holiday   Travel can wreak havoc on children’s sleep routines and all their sleep training can fly out the window, which is why you’ll want to tread carefully when it comes to children’s bedtime routines when vacationing suggests Dr. Isabel Granic, co-author of Bed Timing. “What we recommend to parents when traveling with their kids is to keep the context of falling to sleep consistent from one place to the other. So if at home you have a particular type of music you put on, or certain type of soother or stuffed animal you use for your child to fall asleep or if you have certain books you read to them, try to bring all of these things along with you to keep bed time consistent in the new place. It is also good to put your child to bed at the same time even though the temptation might be to bend the rules because you are on holidays.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Isabel Granic, co-author of Bed Timing.

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