Sun Safety Tips for Children

A few sun safety tips for your family.

Sun Safety Tips

While sunshine provides us with nourishing Vitamin D…there can be too much of a good thing. Sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays can lead to cancers of the skin. But we can protect our family’s skin by following a few simple rules says Dr. Saul Greenberg, Pediatrician, The Hospital for Sick Children. “First of all, avoiding prolonged sun exposure especially between 11am and 4pm. The other thing that’s important is using sunscreens and using sunglasses and using sunhats. And the other thing to remember when using sunscreens is to use them properly, apply enough of it and using them after going swimming.”

Reducing the time spent in the sun is a good bet. “It’s not so much the sunburn that’s the problem, it’s more the prolonged exposure to the sun that causes damage tot he skin, which in the more serious cases can cause cancer of the skin as an adult.”

The Parent Report’s Expert guest is Dr. Saul Greenberg, pediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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