Free Your Child From Asthma

Doctors are smarter, research is insightful, treatments are effective, and parents are involved and educated. Yet, asthma – a highly controllable condition that, at this point, should be a nuisance in a child’s life, at best – is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of kids and their families. More than five million children in the U.S. have asthma, and the numbers are spiraling upward, as are the hospitalizations and missed school days from asthma attacks and symptoms. These dismal statistics stand in sharp contrast to 20 years of impressive advances – from a greater understanding of what causes asthma to new, effective treatments with few side effects – all of which have failed to turn a troubling problem around. With all we know, and all we have at our disposal, the impact of asthma symptoms should be minimal. Instead, asthma is one of the most debilitating childhood diseases of modern life.

Free Your Child from Asthma

Author: Gary Rachelefsky ISBN 0-07-145986-3

Free Your Child From Asthma by Dr. Rachelefsky is the first asthma book that takes aim at this paradox, addresses it, and helps parents resolve it for the health of their child. Specifically:
− It empowers parents, and takes the second-guessing and stress out of caring for a child with asthma.
− It makes the possibility of a symptom-free life a reality for all children – in just four weeks.

How does it accomplish this? By providing parents with the information they need to become a pro-active member of their child’s asthma team. They receive clear information and step-by-step checklists that lead their child to a symptom-free life in about one month. Importantly, it provides parents with tips on what to do if their child is not reaching his or her asthma goals. Some highlights include:

− A quick and easy-to-understand explanation of asthma and what it does to your child’s airways
− A ‘reality check’ to dispel the myths and misconceptions about childhood asthma
− An overview of important medications, their benefits and potential side effects
− A how-to on proper use of asthma devices, such as inhalers and peak flow meters
− How to make your child’s environment at home and school as trigger free as possible
− How to prepare for a doctor’s visit – talking to health care provider
− Understanding and using an asthma management plan
− Helping your child manage asthma away from home
− Whether, and how, to incorporate alternative treatments into a child’s management plan

With step-by-step, practical guidelines and tools, Free Your Child From Asthma bridges the gap between what many parents settle for and what they and their child have a right to expect – a life free from symptoms without activity restrictions from asthma.

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