How to Find Summer Childcare

Finding good childcare over the summer school break can be a daunting task.

Summer Childcare

When our kids start school full time, many of us breathe a sigh of relief. Childcare is no longer an issue, until you realize you still need summer childcare. Finding good quality summer childcare is not an easy task and for most parents it means a lot of juggling. Mary Quigley, co-author of Going Back to Work elaborates. “Summertime is often a patchwork, and sometimes you feel like you’re working just to pay for the summer camps. You’re working just so they can go to summer camp so that you can work. It’s a Catch 22. Where does it end? But summertime is a problem, and we did a little informal survey in the middle of summertime asking women what they did. The answer seems to be for a lot of people that it’s a patchwork; a week at grandma’s, a week of vacation, four weeks of camp, a couple of weeks in a community program. Nobody seems to have a good answer and everybody seems to pull things together for the summer. You have to be flexible.”

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mary quigleyThe Parent Report’s expert guest is Mary Quigley, author of Going Back to Work and a faculty member at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

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