How to Deal with Unwanted Child Behaviors

The connection between children’s development and their behaviour.

Unwanted Behavior

When it comes to our children showing less than desirable behaviours, it’s tempting to think kids are acting in certain ways on purpose. But really, problems like disorganization, inattentiveness, time mismanagement, will develop as they mature. Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind says instead of getting mad at kids, it would be better to teach them the appropriate skills to change their behavior. “This is so very important is that; we have to stop moralizing about some of these behaviours and instead recognize that the foundation of these problems is a brain processing problem and as soon as we make that transition into understanding that it is a brain-based problem then we move away from saying things like \he’s not trying hard enough’ or ‘she doesn’t really care’ or ‘he doesn’t really want to’. Instead we roll up our sleeves and we move forward with practical hands on strategies that really make a difference in the lives of children.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr Adam Cox, child psychologist and author of Boys of Few Words.

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