New Theories on Child Brain Development

It’s amazing  how much science is learning about the development of the human’s brain.

Child Development

There was a time when people thought our brains were fully developed at birth. Not so anymore. Now science knows that the brain continues to make new connections and to develop throughout our lives. But during childhood, some of the most astounding development takes place explains Dr. Ron Clavier, author of Teen Brain, Teen Mind. “A child thinks that the world just exists in three dimensions, that they live in space. But adults know that we really live in four dimensions, the fourth dimension being the dimension of time. So as kids get a little older they start to realize that time is important.”

As a child’s brain develops, so does their understanding of consequence. “They have to do their homework because something will happen later, or they have to get to bed because something will happen in the future. Or they realize they better not act this way because there are  consequences to their behaviour in the future. And that ability to understand that there is a future is hugely important aspect of development.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Ron Clavier, a practicing clinical psychologist and author of Teen Brain, Teen Mind.

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