Preparing Your Child for School

How to get your preschooler prepared for school in the fall.

Preparing for School

Is your pre-school child starting school this coming fall? Getting kids school ready now, is only going to make the transition easier for kids, parents, and teachers. But being school ready doesn’t mean you have to start your child on the three R’s now, says Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind. “If we ask kindergarten teachers what’s important, they will essentially tell us that it’s the capacity for self-control. For example, to stay in your seat during the course of a class, to be able to raise your hand before you shout out an answer, to be able to cooperate and share with other children, to be able to go to the bathroom by yourself.

Adam says that focusing on traditional skills, while important, is not what necessarily prepares children for school, “And yet if you think about what most of us as parents spend most of our time teaching our kids in preparation for kindergarten, it’s all about knowing the colours, or counting from one to twenty, or knowing the letters of the alphabet, but not necessarily giving them the skills that they need to be effective when it comes time to start school.”
The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr Adam Cox, child psychologist and author of Boys of Few Words and No Mind Left Behind.

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