Talk Your Way to Discipline

Why reasoning with our kids is one of the best ways of setting limits.


While setting limits is vital to our children’s well being, laying down the law without any explanation is one of the surest ways of building resentment. Instead, we’d be wise to take the time to reason with our kids and discuss why rules exist. Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century elaborates.

“I think that talking to our kids is so important when it comes to setting limits. Psychologists have ways of talking about it; reasoning, flexibility, standards given with warmth. All of that simply means we set limits for the positive growth of our children. As we talk about outcomes of lying, for example, we say “look, you have lost a friendship because of this, or I am disappointed that this has happened.” That kind of discipline and reasoning around discipline is very necessary for our children to understand the kind of growth we expect of them.”

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