The Dangers of Food Poisoning in Children

What you need to know about food poisoning.

Food Poisoning

Every year in North America, there are millions of cases of food poisoning. Food borne illness can be serious particularly in the elderly, those with chronic disease and low immunity, and in children explains Lynn Wilcott of the Food Protection Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

“A lot of people think that it’s just 24-hour flu and for most people, that’s true. But in about two to three percent of cases severe complications can occur. With E. coli, especially in young children, it can cause permanent kidney damage or even worse, it can be fatal. Salmonella, both in children and in adults can cause a variety of complications. Some of these include rheumatoid arthritis, which can permanently damage the valves in the heart. Another one is Listeria. It can cause permanent brain injury.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest it Lynn Wilcott of Food Protection Services at the BC Center for Disease Control.

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