Development Radio Shows Teen — 05 June 2012
Timeline of Child Brain Development

Why today’s kids seem to be taking longer to become adults.

Timeline of Development

There’s no doubt that today’s world is becoming more and more complex, as are the skills required to succeed in it. So no wonder many youth aren’t quite ready to take on the world by the time they leave high school. There’s too much to know and too many skills to master, from time management, to organizing, to strategizing and more. Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind elaborates by saying that “as a society, we simply have to come to terms with the fact that the timeline for development is longer than what we are accustomed to thinking of what it is being.”

There are risks to forcing development, but Adam says that secondary education institutes are taking this into account. “Some children and adolescents will take longer to develop than others and if we try to categorize kids or form some conceptions of what they are capable of without really giving them full opportunity to develop, then we’re going to lose some of the greatest minds that we have available. Universities have already recognized this, so they have put into place learning centers that are helping people well into their early twenties to develop some of these executive thinking skills.”

 The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Adam Cox, child psychologist and author of Boys of Few Words and No Mind Left Behind.

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