Why Nagging Children Backfires

How to know if you’re teaching or nagging your kids.

Nagging Backfires

Most of us have done it, nagged at our children. Maybe we’ve nagged our kids to clean their room, or do their homework. While nagging is a habit that’s easy to fall into, it’s actually ineffective because kids have selective hearing, and nagging is one of those things they tune out. But how do we know we’re nagging? Richard Guare, author of Smart But Scattered says there are signs that will tell us.

“The fine line between nagging and teaching is partly a matter of tone. If you find yourself saying something over and over again to a child and the behaviour hasn’t changed, then I think that you can assume that continuing to say that again really constitutes as nagging. The criteria differentiating teaching versus nagging is ‘does the teaching result in some sort of change in behaviour?’ If we say something again and again and nothing happens, then we can assume after a while, that it’s nagging.”

The Parent Report’s guest is Dr. Richard Guare, neuropsychologist and author of Smart But Scattered.

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