Family Playtime

Why the family that plays together, stays together.

Family Playtime

Getting out doors and playing with our children isn’t just a great way to model physical fitness – it’s fun! And with summer here, a good game of tag or kick the can with our children is bound to bring you closer. Silken Laumann, past Olympian and author of Child’s Play elaborates on the benefits of being a family that plays together. “Playing with our children is so important and our kids do want to spend time with us. They love it when their mom or dad goes outside and kicks a ball with them or goes on a bike ride with them. Taking that initiative to do it with them is definitely a way to encourage kids to love physical activity.”

Silken adds, that when it comes to reconnecting with your kids and talking to them about what’s on their mind, there’s no better way to do it than through play. “I think you get completely different responses from your kids when you ask them questions while you’re kicking a soccer ball back and forth then you would when you’re sitting across a table and asking ‘how was your day?’”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Silken Laumann, a former Olympic athlete, author of Child’s Play and founder of Active Kids.

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