Iron in Children’s Diets

Why is iron so important for our kids health?

Iron in Children’s Diets

When children don’t have enough healthy red blood cells, they can become anemic. Usually this is due to iron deficiency, and believe it or not, lack of iron can lead to a raft of problems in children, some of which you’d never suspect was due to low iron. Vanita Pais, registered dietician, with the Hospital for Sick Children explains. “Iron deficiency can cause learning and behavioural problems. It could have them have a lot of headaches, be irritable, they could feel weak and non-energetic.”

Fortunately, Vanita says iron can be found in many different foods. “Iron is found in red meats, dark poultry, fish like tuna and salmon. It’s found in eggs. Vegetarian sources could be tofu, some enriched grains and also leafy vegetables.”

The Paren Report’s expert guest is Vanita Pais, registered dietician at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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