The Benefits of Feeding Children Organic Foods

The foods you feed your children can help them avoid the negative affects of pesticides.

Organic Foods

Most of us are well aware that pesticides were designed to be toxic. Over 90% of people are routinely exposed to pesticides and mostly through diet,  which is why eating some organic foods makes sense explains Dr. Bruce Lanphear, Professor of Children’s Environmental Health at Simon Fraser University.   ”We do know that if you adhere to an organic diet you can reduce your exposures to pesticides quite considerably.  Now that’s not always possible because organic food does cost more, but the Environmental Working Group, for example, has a website that identifies the produce that tends to have higher levels of pesticides.  So parents could choose for certain types of fruits and vegetables that have higher levels of pesticides to purchase those as organic and in other cases use more conventional foods.”

The Parent Report’s guest is Dr. Bruce Lanphear,  Clinician Scientist at Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital and Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SImon Fraser University.

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