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Helping Your Teen Drive to School Safely

Keeping teens safe when they drive to school.

Teens Driving to School

Did your teen work and save for a car this summer? Or maybe she uses the family car to get to school some days. Believe it or not, driving to school can be one of the most hazardous routes your teen will drive and will require a few measures to ensure safety. Timothy Smith, author of Crash Proof Your Kids elaborates. “It’s where a high percentage of accidents occur obviously because that’s where a lot of the driving occurs, but its also where both parents and kids guard gets let down. These are familiar territories and surroundings, they’re not likely to be looking with fresh eyes about where the dangers might be, so I suggest when you start teaching your teens, take a part the routes that they go to school, to work, to downtown, and identify for them the areas of risk where pedestrians cross, where joggers are, where there’s an unusual right of way situation so that they have ingrained in their mind to be aware of these situations.”

Timothy SmithThe Parent Report’s guest expert is Timothy Smith, a driving instructor, award-winning speaker and author of Crash Proof Your Kids.

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