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Teens and Lack of Sleep Linked to Attention Problems, Low Grades

It’s common for high school students to sleep in on weekends hoping to catch up on the sleep they missed during the week. But now, a new study out of South Korea has found that teens who catch up on sleep on weekends perform worse on attention tests than those who don’t.

The study involved 2600 Korean teens that got an average of five hours and 42 minutes of sleep on weekdays. Those who slept in an additional three hours on the weekend performed worse on computer attention tasks in class than those who did not get additional sleep. Researchers surmise that while some teens don’t require as much sleep as others, most teens need an average of nine hours of sleep each night. Trying to catch up on the weekend does little to top up the sleep they need. Without the right amount of sleep each night, attention and executive skills suffer, which are the two fundamentals to academic success.

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