Crankiness and Milestones

The connection between crankiness & developmental milestones.

Crankiness & Milestones

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill, only to be frustrated and irritated by set-backs while trying to master it?  Well, that same frustration happens to infants and children as they prepare for another developmental milestone, whether it’s learning to talk or tying their shoes. Infant & Child Psychiatrist Dr. Diane Phillip elaborates on the connection between crankiness and development.

“You’ll often see with a child who’s struggling with a developmental milestone, that they’ll typically be irritable.We typically see this with communication and language as they’re not able to speak and express what’s going on, but even with something as simple as, very early on, trying to find their thumb and get it into their mouth, They struggle and get really agitated until they finally get it. And it’s simply that, it’s frustration, the child is frustrated. They have perhaps the cognitive ability to know what it is they want to do, and they just can’t do it yet.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is infant psychiatrist, Dr. Diane Phillip.

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