Effective Bedtime Routines for Kids

How to get kids to go to bed without a fuss.

Bedtime Routines

No matter how cozy and comfy your child’s bedroom is, young children can still hate to part from mom and dad and head to bed. But a bedtime routine makes that a lot easier, helping them to wind down and signaling that this is the end to their busy day. In fact, Isabela Granic, co-author of Bed Timing says they are really a must for teaching healthy sleep patterns. “Bedtime rituals are really critical from birth on and this is something that every sleep training manual will let you know.”

There are ways to build an effective routine, as Isabella Granic explains, “Getting an expectable schedule for children at around bedtime, that usually includes something like a snack, a bottle, a bath, and then some sort of bedtime story or lullaby, is important so that the child really expects the bedtime to come and there’s no anxiety about that. That’s true all the way from birth to adulthood even.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Isabela Granic, a research scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children and co-author of Bed Timing.

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